The Royal Route and Praga Quarter tour

This tour, lasting around 4 hours, will show you two different sides of the capital city of Poland – Praga and the Royal Route with three beautiful palaces.

The tour includes:

  • Trip to Majdanek, daily trip
  • The String Bridge and National Stadium
  • St Florian’s Cathedral and The Russian church
  • Mała street, where “The Pianist” by Roman Polański was shot
  • The Royal Castle with the square
  • The Royal Route
  • Food trip in Warsaw
  • The Palace on water (Łazienki Królewskie)
  • Wilanów Palace and its beautiful gardens
  • Warsaw Ghetto TOUR

With the tour beginning in Praga, which is the biggest district of the city, we will take you back to the communist era along with the unique art street. Next, we will cross The String Bridge, which is situated near the famous ZOO, the place where during the war, 300 people of both catholic and Jews were saved. You will also visit the beautiful Cathedral, the impressive Russian Orthodox church and the street where “The Pianist” movie was shot. Visiting the Royal Route on the east side of Warsaw, you will have a chance to see three different palaces. There is the Royal Castle at the Old Town, the Palace on the Water (Łazienki Królewskie) and the Palace of Wilanów – trip to Warsaw, MrTour.

Our guides explain the facts and stories with great details to ensure that you will remember something from the tour. What is more, they will take care of you, answer any question and help with your needs. To understand the history of Warsaw properly and explore the city by our guests, our tours are a bit longer without extra prices included.

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